Static Coffee Espresso Republic

Pasadena branding firm, Farm Design, partnered with Espresso Republic for the launch of their new Static coffee and espresso. Espresso Republic wanted to create coffee packs that exuded the high quality of the beans held inside. 


Riona Sans by Mika Melvas (A professional font for $10) (60% off).

This is a great opportunity to get a professional font for a fair (or maybe unfair for the designer) price. Riona Sans is a geometrical, modern, sans serif font, with a big x height size, makes it readable, I don’t know if its only me but I love this kind of fonts for apps, and stuff like that, It makes it very very fresh and modern, of course the font is usable for any kind of porpuse even logos, (reminds me to klavika font, yeah the facebook logo font).

You can see the whole details here, promos aren’t forever: